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Full text of "Extracts from the minutes of the General Association of Connecticut, A.D. 1802"

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OF    THE 





A.  D.  1802, 



x^oc.'-'O:::-  •«..■  ••.'"■;-!J''i.."'  oc.  •;;:;  ooc  < 


THE  General  ^.fibciation  of*  Conne&leut  met,  agreeably  to 
appointment,  on  the  third  Tuefday  cf  June,  1802,  at  1 1 
o'clock,  at  the  houfe  of  the  Rev.  Matthias  Burnet,  in  Nor- 
walk. — It  appeared  that  the  following  miniflers  were  duly  ap- 
pointed commiffioners  or  delegates  from  the  feveral  diftrid  Affo- 
ciatioHs,  to  the  General  AfTociation. 

Of  Hartford    North  AJfociation. 

The  Rev.  Dr.  Nathan  Perkins, 
Jofeph  Wafhburn. 

Of  Hartford  South   AJfociation. 

The  Rev.  James  Lockwood, 
. Giles  H.  Cowles. 

Of  New-Haven    Wefl   Affoc'iatUn. 

The  Rev.  Ira  Hart, 

■  —  Abner  Smith. 

Of  New -Haven    Eaji  Affectation. 

The  Rev.  Thomas  W.  Bray, 

. David  Smith. 

Of  New-London  Affoc'iatlo^ 

The  Rev.  Henry  Chaining, 
.  Lemuel  Tyler. 

Of  Fairfield  Weji  Affociation. 
The  Rev.  Matthias  Burnet, 

Piatt  Buffett. 

Of  Fairfield  Eajl  Affociation* 

The  Rev.  David  Ely, 

—  ■         —  Samuel  Blatchford. 

Of  Windham  Original  Affociation* 

The  Rev.  William  Storrs, 
John  Sherman. 

Of  Windham  Eafl  Affbciatien* 
The  Rev.  Elifha  Atkins. 

Of  Litchfield  North  Affociation, 

The  Rev.   Peter  Starr, 
Afahel  Hooker* 

Of  Litchfield  South  Affociation* 

The  Rev.   Noah  Benedict. 

Simon  Waterman. 

Of  Tolland  Affociation. 
The  Rev.  Dr.  Nathan  Williams. 

Of  Middlefex  Affociation. 

The  Rev.  Elijah  Parfons. 
Frederick  W.  Hotchkifs. 

The  commiflioners  or  delegates  from  the  General  Affembly  of 
the  Prefbyterian  Church,  in  the  United  States,  were  the  Rev.  Jo- 
feph  Clark,  William  Latta,  and  James  Richards. 

The  Affociation,  agreeably  to  rule,  proceeded  to  the  choice  of 
a  fcribe.  The  Rev.  Henry  Channing  was  chofen.  The  fcribe 
then  called  for  the  votes  for  a  moderator.  The  Rev.  Noah  Ben- 
edict was  chofen.  The  moderator  then  called  for  the  votes  for  an 
affiftant  fcribe.  The  Rev.  David  Ely  was  chofen.  The  Affo- 
ciation was  then  opened  with  prayer  by  the  moderator.  The 
Rev.  Dr.  Nathan  Perkins,  Jofeph  Clark,  Dr.  Nathan  Williams, 
and  Simon  Waterman  were  appointed  a  committee  of  overtures  to 
prepare  bufinefs  for  the  Affociatien.  The  fermon,  at  the  opening 
of  the  feflion,  was  delivered  by  the  Rev.  Afahel  Hooker  from 
Ephefi.  iv.  14.  That  we  henceforth  he  no  more  children,  toffed  to 

and  fro,  and  carried  about  with  every   wind  of  doctrine,  by   the 
jleight  of  men,and  cunning  craftinefs,  whereby  they  lie  in  wait  to  deceive,. 

The  delegation  to  the  convention  of  the  clergy  of  the  ftate  of 
Vermont,  appointed  at  the  laft  AiTociation,  reported  the  follow- 
ing plan  of  union,  mutually  difcuiTed  by  the  convention  and  faid 
delegation,  and  approved  and  accepted  bj  faid  convention. 

"  Articles  of  union  and  intercourfe  between  the  General  AiTo- 
ciation  of  the  clergy  of  the  ftate  of  Connecticut,  and  the  Gene- 
ral Convention  of  the  clergy  of  Vermont." 

Under  an  impreffion  of  the  great  importance  of  harmony  and 
peace  among  the  minifters  of  Chrift,  and  his  churches,  it  is  the 
earned  defire  of  both  bodies  to  form  fuch  a  connection  and  inter- 
courfe  as  may  be  permanent,  and  mutually  beneiicial. 

Article  i.  Each  body  mail  fend  one  or  two  delegates  or  com- 
miflioners  to  meet  and  fit  with  the  other,  at  the  dated  feffions  of 
the  body. 

Article  2.  The  delegate  or  delegates  from  each  body,  feve- 
rally,fhallhave  the  privilege  of  entering  into  the  difcuffions and  de- 
liberations of  the  body,  as  freely  and  equally,  as  their  own  members. 

Article  3.  That  the  union  and  intercourfe  may  be  full  and  com- 
plete between  the  faid  bodies,  the  commiffioner  or  commiffioners 
from  each,  refpeftively,  mail  not  only  fit  and  deliberate,  but  alio 
aft  and  vote  : — Which  articles  are  the  great  principles  of  the  uni- 
on between  the  General  AlTembly  of  the  Preibyterian  Church  ia 
America,  and  the  General  Aflbciation  of  the  minifters  of  Chrift, 
in  the  ftate  of  Connecticut. 

The  above  articles  were  approved  and  acceptedby  this  Aflbcia- 
tion. Whereupon  the  Rev.  Martin  Tullar,  prefented  his  certifi- 
cate as  a  delegate  from  the  convention,  in  Vermont,  and  took  his 
feat  accordingly. 

The  Truftees  of  the  Miffionary  Society  made  their  annual  report 
which  is  as  follows. 

The  Report  of  the  Truflees  of  the  Miffionary  Society  of  Conneclicut, 

to  faid   Society,    convened  at  Norwalk,    the  third  Tuefday  of 

June    1802. 

"  WHILE  we  congratulate  you,  that*  through  the  good  hand 
of  God  upon  you,  you  are  again  allowed  to  meet  in  General  Af- 
fociation,  not  only  to  deliberate  on  the  important  interefts  of  thefe 
Churches,  but  as  the  Miffionary  Society  of  this  ftate,  to  employ 
your  counfels,  and  renew  your  exertions  for  the  furtherance  of 
the  gofpel,  in  the  new  fettlements  and  among  the  heathen  ;  we, 
having  through  the  fame  merciful  hand,  contined  to  this  time, 
and  having  brought  our  proceedings  to  another  annual  termina- 
tion, beg  leave  to  prefent  you  with  our  report  of  them,  and  with 
fuch  papers  as  may  be  neceiTary  for  their  illuftration. 

As  the  general  concerns  of  the  miffionary  inftitution  are  commit- 

ted  to  the  management  of  the  Truftees,  we  efteem  ourfelves  un- 
der a  high  refponfibility  for  our  conduct,  to  him  to  whofe  king- 
dom they  more  immediately  relate,  and  to  the  Miffionary  Society 
whofe  agents  we  are.  To  them  we  have  thought  it  our  duty,  a 
duty  which  we  have  cheerfully  performed,  annually  to  make  a 
particular  ftatement  of  the  conduct  and  fuccefs  of  their  miffiona- 
ries,  of  the  ftate  of  their  funds,  and  of  all  our  proceedings. 

We  are  exceedingly  happy  not  onlyinthe  abundant  labors  of  our 
miffionaries, — in  their  fidelity  and  fuccefs, — and  in  the  divine fmiles 
on  o«r  miffionary  inftitution,  but  in  that  harmony  and  brotherly 
affection  which  have  fubfifted  among  ourfelves  :  That  we  have 
feen  eye  to  eye,  and  have  proceeded  in  all  our  tranfactions  with  the 
mod:  perfect  unanimity.  We  perfuade  ourfelves  thatit  is  an  omen 
for  good,  and  that  our  proceedings  will  meet  the  approbation  of 
our  conflituents  and  of  our  judge. 

That  the  divine  fmiles  have  fo  remarkably  attended  the  miffion- 
ary inftitution,  and  that  they  dill  attend  it,  in  the  liberality  of  our 
good  people, — in  the  increafe  of  our  funds,  in  the  fuccefs  of  our 
miifionaries,  in  the  approbation  of  our  legiflature,  and  in  the  gen- 
eral increafe  and  fpread  of  the  miffionary  fpirit,  challenges  our  par- 
ticular notice,  and  our  grateful  acknowledgements  to  him  who  per- 
formeth  all  things  for  his  people.  Whatever  fuccefs  has  attend- 
ed the  miffionaries,  or  any  meafures  we  have  adopted  we  affume 
nothing  to  ourfelves,  but  afcribe  to  him  all  the  fuccefs  and  glory. 
When  he  has  a  good  work  to  effect,  he  raifes  up  the  inftruments, 
provides  the  means  to  be  employed,  and  gives  the  fuccefs.  To  him 
therefore  belongs  all  the  glory. 

The  narrative  we  have  lately  publimed,  a  copy  of  which  is 
herewith  tranfmitted  to  each  member  of  the  Miffionary  Society, 
contains  a  general  ftatement  of  our  proceedings,  of  miffionary  la- 
bors, and  the  (late  of  our  funds  to  the  clofe  of  the  year  1801. 

More  Miffionaries  have  been  employed,  and  more  miffionary 
labors  performed  than  in  any  preceding  year.  Fourteen  miffiona- 
ries are  particularly  named  in  the  narrative,  as  having  been  employ- 
ed in  the  courfe  of  the  year,  for  a  longer  or  a  fhorter  term.  Six 
of  thofe  miffionaries,  viz.  the  Rev.  Mr.  Willijlon,  Mr  Jerome, 
Mr.  Porter,  Mr.  May,  the  Rev.  Mr.  Biggins,  and  Mr.  Woodward, 
have  all  been  employed  in  preaching  to  the  new  fettlements  in  the 
county  of  Luzerne  in  Pennfylvania,  and  in  the  weftern  coun- 
ties in  the  ftate  of  New- York. — Their  particular  tours  and  labors 
are  fo  fully  related  in  the  narrative,  that  little  more  is  necelTary 
to  be  obferved  refpecting  them.  Mr.  WilUJion  at  prefent  continues 
one  half  of  his  time  in  the  feivice  of  the  Society.  He  is  very  ufe- 
ful  in  the  (hort  circuits  which  he  makes  in  the  counties  of  Otfego, 
Onondaga,  Cayuga,  Chenango,  Tioga,  and  Steuben  in  the  ftate 
of  New- York,  and  in  the  county  of  Luzerne  in  the  ftate  of  Pena- 
ry Ivan  ia. 

Mr.  Bujancll,  after  fpcnding  eleven  months  in  the  weftern  coun- 
ties of  New-York,  returned  to  Connecticut  in  January  i8ci, 
During  the  whole  term  of  his  miiTionary  tour,  he  preached  not  lefs 
than  five  fermons  a  week,  attended  nearly  ninety  public  conferen- 
ces, befides  performing  other  miffionary  labors.  Soon  after  his  re- 
turnee was  re-appointed  to  themiffionary  fervice.  It  wasexpect- 
cd  he  would  fpend  a  few  weeks  in  the  vacant  fakements  in  the  irate 
of  Vermont,  and  that  he  would  then  vifit  the  weftern  counties  in 
the  (late  of  New-York  ;  but  on  the  account  of  an  uncommon  at- 
tention among  the  people  in  Vermont  to  whom  he  preached,  he 
obtained  liberty  to  continue  there,  fo  long  as  there  mould  be  an  ex- 
traordinary call  for  his  labors  there.  He  confequently  fpent  about 
eleven  months  in  the  northern  counties  of  that  Hate,  and  returned  to 
Connecticut  in  January  laft.  The  Truftees  have  fince  re-appointed 
him  a  miflioaary  during  pleafure,  and  directed  him  to  revifit  all  the 
churches  and  places  where  he  hath  formerly  preached,  to  confirm 
the  brethren,  toadvife  the  churches,  to  compofe  difficulties  where 
any  have  arifen,  and  to  perform  all  thofe  minifterial  fervices  which 
mall  be  neceflary  for  the  furtherance  of  the  gofpel  in  the  places 
which  he  (hall  revifit. 

Exclufive  of  the  labors  of  Mr.  Wittifton  and  Mr.  Woodward,  the 
gentlemen  who  have  been  in  the  weftern  counties  of  New- York, 
and  in  the  county  of  Luzerne  in  Pennfylvania,  have  preached  more 
than  600  fermons,  beftdes  attending  numerous  conferences,  form- 
ing churches,  baptizing  hundreds  of  perfons,  and  often  adminifter- 
ing  the  holy  communion. 

Mr.  James  W.  Woodward  fpent  four  months  on  a  million  to 
Black  River,  and  has  been  fince  re-appointed  to  labor  in  the  fame 
place.  Hence  it  appears  that  our  milTionaries,  in  the  ftates  of 
New-York  and  Pennfylvania,  during  the  term  of  their  feveral 
millions,  have  performed  fervices  equal  to  about  fix  years  of  min- 
ifterial  labor. 

Exclufive  of  eleven  months  labors  of  Mr.  Bujhnell'm  Vermont, 
Meffrs.  Huntington,  Hallock,  Stvift  aud  Morgan  have  preached  be- 
tween three  and  four  hundred  fermons,  during  the  paft  and  pref- 
ent  year,  befides  the  performance  of  other  milTionary  labors.  It 
appears  that  more  than  thr£e  years  of  ordinary  mimiterial  labor 
have  been  employed  in  that  quarter  fince  our  laft  report. 

The  Rev.  Alexander  Gillet  has  lately  entered  on  a  million  to 
the  northern  part  of  Vermont  for  the  term  of  four  months. 

Mr.  Badger  and  Mr.  Chapman  are  performing  mifiionary  labors 
at  New-Connecticut  ;  but  we  have  received  no  recent  accounts 
from  them.  We  confider  the  furmfhing  the  inhabitants  of  that 
territory  with  the  beft  minifterial  inftruction  as  a  matter  of  the  firfr. 
importance,  and  mail,  by  no  means,  lofe  fight  of  fo  interefting 
an  object 

The  laft  accounts  from  Mr.   Bacon  cur  Indian  mifiionary,  are 

Mattering.     He  expects  to  proceed  foon  to  the  river  Miami,  about 
70  miles  from  Detroit,  where  is   a  large  body   of    Indians   who 
fpeak  the  Chippeway  language,  and  to  open  to  them  the    defigns 
and  views  of  the  Miilionary  Society  and  of  their  Truftees,  and 
begin  the  communication  of  the  gofpel  to  them.      It  appears  by  a 
letter  which  we  have  lately  received  from  him,  that  he  has  a  prof- 
pect  of  obtaining  a  good  interpreter  upon    reafonable  terms,  and 
that  the  Indians  are  difpofed  to  give  him  a  favorable  reception. 
Some  of  them  have  exprefTed  a  ftrong  defire  to  be  inftructed  in  the 
art  of  hufbandry,  and  intimated  that  if  Mr.  Bacon  could   inftruct 
them  in  that,  fuch  numbers  of  their  Indians   would  collect  about 
him  as  that  his  hands  will  be  filled  with  more  than  he  can  do.     The 
Chippeways  are  fettled  on  the  lakes  Michigan,  Huron  and  Superior, 
and  are  fcattered  over  extenfive  regions  about   thofe  lakes.     The 
Wyandots,  Twitwees,  Miamis,  Ottowas,  and  other  tribes  are  fet- 
tled within  the  fame  territory,  or  border  upon  it.     They  generally 
if  not  univerfally  fpeak  the  fame  language.     The  introduction   of 
a  miflionary,  well  verfed  in  the  Chippeway  language,  as  we  hope 
Mr.  Bacon  foon  will  be,  may  happily  lead  the  way  to  the  fpread  of 
civilization  and  the  gofpel  through  a  mod:  extenfive  country.     The 
Truftees  earnestly  wifh  to  be  a  means  in  the  hands  of   Providence 
of  fuch  immenfe  good  to  large  numbers  of    their  perifhing  fellow 
men.     While  we  pray  for  wifdom  and  the  fuccefs  of  the  million, 
we  afk  the  prayers  of  the  Society,  and  of  all   the  friends  of  Zion 
for  us,  that  we  may  have  light  and  prudence  happily  to  conduct  the 
miilionary  bufinefs,  and  that  it  may  be  crowned   with  diftinguifh- 
ed  fuccefs.     And  we  pray  it  may  be  no  lefs  fuccefsful  among  our 
brethren  of  the  American  forefts  than  among  ourfelves. 

The  public  contributions  in  May  laft,  we  are  happy  to  obferve, 
have  been  more  liberal  than  any  of  the  preceding.  In  addition  to 
thefe,  many  private  donations  have  been  made  to  the  Society, 
two  of  which  amounted  to  ioo  dollars  each.  This  affords  us  an 
ample  evidence  of  the  approbation  of  our  benevolent  people,  and 
prefents  us  with  a  pleafing  profpect,  that  their  hearts  and  hands 
will  be  opened  in  future  to  the  calls  of  Providence  whatever  they 
(hall  be. 

The  Truftees  at  a  late  meeting,  refolved,that  for  the  current  year, 
two  miffionaries  be  employed  in  New-Connecticut  : — That  the 
Rev.  Jedediah  Bujhnell  itinerate  as  a  miflionary  through  the  year, 
in  the  weftern  counties  of  New- York  and  the  northern  counties  of 
Vermont: — That  the  Rev.  Seth  Wtllljlon  continue  to  labor  as  a 
miflionary,  fuch  apart  of  the  time  as  he  fhall  not  be  employed 
to  preach  to  the  people  at  Lille  ;  and  that  he  vifit  fuch  places  in  the 
weftern  counties  of  New- York  as  the  Truftees,  or  in  their  recefs 
the  committee  of  millions  Ihall  direct : — ThatMr.  James  W.Wood' 
ward  continue  in  the  Black  River  country,  unlefs  otherwife  direct- 
ed by  the  Truftees  or  the  committee  of  miflions,  for  the  term  of 

four  months  ; — That  a  permanent  miflionary  be  appointed  to  itine- 
rate in  the  fouthern  range  of  counties,  in  the  weftern  part  ofNew- 
"York  ftate,  and  the  northern  counties  of  Pennfylvania,  to  enter  on 
his  million  the  firft  of  September  next : — That  a  permanent  mif- 
fionary  be  employed  to  labor  in  the  northern  counties  of  Vermont : 
That  one  miflionary  be  fent  for  the  term  of  four  months  to  the 
northern  part  of  New-York,  weft:  of  Lake  Champlain  :  That  one 
miflionary  be  employed  for  four  months  to  go  up  Connecticut  river 
to  the  northern  boundary  line  of  the  United  States,  and  vifit  the 
vacant  fettlements  on  both  fides  of  the  liver,  within  a  convenient 
diftance  : — And  that  one  other  miflionary  be  employed  for  the  term 
of  fix  months,  to  labor  in  fuch  places  as  the  Truftees,  or  in  their 
recefs  the  committee  of  millions  mall  direct. 

The  Truftees  have  alfo  appropriated  20odollarsfor  thepurchafe 
of  religious  books,  to  be  diftributed  among  the  inhabitants  of  the 
new  fettlements  ;  ioo  dollars  of  which  to  be  taken  up  in  the  Con- 
necticut Evangelical  Magazine,  the  refidue  to  be  applied  to  the 
purchafe  and  diftribution  of  fuch  books  as  the  Committee  of  millions 
ihall  think  beft. 

The  funds  of  the  Society,  through  the  fmiles  of  Providence, 
and  the  liberality  of  good  people,  are  fo  increafed  that  the  Truftees 
are  of  the  opinion  that  application  mould  be  made  to  the  legislature 
of  the  ftate  to  form  a  corporate  body,  with  power  to  receive  and 
hold  money,  lands,  books  or  whatever  fhall  be  given  to  promote  the 
defigns  of  the  miflionary  inftitution  ;  and  by  their  vote  they  have 
referred  the  matter  to  your  wife  deliberation.  The  Rev  Nathan 
Strong,  D.  d.  has  been  appointed  to  wait  on  you  with  faid  vote,  to- 
explain  the  views  of  the  Truftees,  and  to  tranfact  whatever  may  be 
neeefTary  relative  to  the  bufinefs. 

By  the  correfpondence  we  have  opened  with  the  Miflionary  Soci- 
ety of  London,  and  Societies  of  the  fame  kind  in  America  as  well 
as  Europe,  we  are  happy  to  find,  that  the  miflionary  fpirit  and  ex- 
ertions are  increafing  and  fpreading  in  both  countries  ;  that  new 
and  important  focieties  are  forming  for  the  propagation  of  the  gofpel, 
and  that  Chriftians  of  almoft  every  proteftant  denomination  are, 
in  an  uncommon  manner,  contributing  their  money,  employing 
their  time  and  talents  for  the  enlargement  of  the  Redeemer's 
kingdom  ;  and  that  Chriftians  of  different  nations  and  denomina- 
tions are  felicitating  one  another  on  the  happy  appearances,  and 
mutually  ftimulating  each  other  to  the  glorious  work. 

The  London  Miflionary  Society,  with  great  zeal  and  energy, 
are  profecuting  their  benevolent  defigns  of  extending  the  gofpel  to 
the  four  quarters  of  the  earth.  They  have  fent  a  large  number  of 
miffionaries,  the  lafl  year,  to  the  iflands  in  the  South  Sea  ;  and 
their  profpects,  with  refpect  to  the  propagation  of  Chriflianity  in 
thofe  iflands,  are  as  flattering  as  can  reafgnably  be  expected.    They 


arc  inereafing  their  miflionaries  at  the  Cape  of  Good  Hope,  and 
the  blind  and  ftupid  Hottentots  are  flocking  to  the  ftandard  of 
their  Saviour.  In  Auguft  1 800,  the  Society  had  1900  of  them 
under  their  tuition  ;  and  fince  that  time  the  number  has  increafed. 
Englifli  and  Dutch  miflionaries  are  employing  their  moil:  vigorous 
and  perfevering  exertions  for  the  evangelizing  of  this  moft  ignorant 
and  ftupid  people.  Befides  thefe  the  Moravians  have  miflionaries 
at  the  Cape,  which  have  been  very  fuccefsful. 

The  London  fociety  have  fent  miflionaries  to  Africa,  to  the  Eaft- 
Indies,  to  Canada,  and  Newfoundland.  New  miflionary  focieties 
are  forming.  In  Great  Britain,  the  church  of  England  have  enga- 
ged in  the  miflionary  bufinefs,  and  are  forming  a  fociety  for  that 
purpofe.  In  New  England,  a  very  important  fociety  has  been 
recently  formed  in  the  county  of  Hampshire  in  MafTachufetts  ;  of 
which  his  Excellency  Governor  Strong  is  Prefident.  The 
fubferiptions  which  have  been  made  for  its  fupport  have  been  liberal 
and  extraordinary.  From  the  worthy  characters  of  the  gentlemen 
appointed  Truftees  of  the  fociety,  and  the  funds  which  have  been 
obtained,  there  is  good  reafon  to  expect  that  the  fociety  will  do  much 
for  the  advancement  of  the  Redeemer's  kingdom  in  the  new  fettle- 
ments,  and  among  the  aboriginal  natives  of  this  continent. 

The  New-York  Miflionary  Society  have  fome  interefting  and 
flattering  accounts  from  their  miflionaries,  which  have  been  fent  to 
the  American  heathen  ;  and  that  fociety,  as  well  as  the  Moravians, 
are  forming  new  miflions  among  them. 

From  our  letters  of  correfpondence  and  Magazines  which  we 
have  received,  it  appears  that  religion  and  the  miflionary  fpirit 
have  been  revived  in  Scotland,  Ireland,  Denmark  and  Norway  ; 
and  that  there  is  an  appearance  of  the  fame  fpirit  in  Holland  and 
Germany.  We  alfo  learn  that  the  London  Society  are  printing 
a  large  edition  of  the  New  Teftament  in  the  French  language, 
with  a  preliminary  work  on  the  evidences  of  Chriflianity,  to  be 
fpread  as  foon  and  as  extenfively  as  may  be  in  Belgium  and  France  : 
— That  the  Baptifl:  miflionaries  in  the  Eaft- Indies  had  nearly  com- 
pleted a  publication  of  the  fcriptures  in  the  Bengalic  language  : 
And  that  a  copious  edition  of  them  in  Arabic  is  contemplated 
in  England,  and  alfo  a  tranflation  of  them  into  the  Chinefe  language 
that  they  may  be  publifhed  in  the  fame  Never,  perhaps,  fince  the 
apoftolic  age,  has  there  been  among  Chriftians  fo  general  a  zeal, 
fuch  fpirited  and  general  exertions  to  advance  the  kingdom  of  Jefus, 
and  to  bring  all  nations  to  the  acknowledgement  of  the  truth  as  it 
is  in  him.  While  we  contemplate  thefe  great  and  pleafing  events, 
and  that  it  is  God  who  turneth  the  hearts  of  men  as  the  rivers  of 
water  are  turned,  and  that  it  is  his  fpirit  only  which  forms  them 
to  prefer  Jerufalem  to  their  chief  joy,  may  we  not  conclude  that  he 
is  about  to  do  fomething  important  and  fignal  for  his  church  I 
Will  he  not  arife  and  have  mercy  upon  Zion  ?  Is  not  the  time  to 


favor  her,  yea,  the  fet  time  come  ?  When  his  fervants  take  pleafure 
in  her  (tones,  and  favor  the  dud  thereof?  While  in  thefe  prafpefts 
we  are  animated  and  filled  with  joy,  we  felicitate  you  in  the  fame 
views,  and  doubt  not  but  our  animation  and  joy  will  be  mutual. 
How  precious  and  animating  are  the  divine  promifes,  the  concur- 
rence, prayers  and  exertions  of  many  thoufands  of  good  people  ? 
How  happy  muft  you  be  in  your  inttitution,  and  in  its  extenfive  and 
beneficial  effects  ?  What  can  be  more  pleating  than  to  be  inftru- 
mental  of  preaching  the  gofpel,  forming  churches,  adminilfering 
facraments,  and  of  fpreading  the  fweet  favor  of  ChrifVs  name 
through  the  extenfive  regions  of  our  new  fettlements  ?  Than  of 
preaching  the  gofpel  to  the  inhabitants  of  a  new  and  extenfive  gov- 
ernment, and  of  forming  their  fentiments,  habits  and  morals  ?  Of 
what  immenfe  fervice  may  this  be  to  thoufands  of  individuals,  to 
families,  and  to  fociety  at  large  ?  What  attempt  can  be  more  honor- 
able than  that  of  civilizing  and  christianizing  the  heathen  ?  Of 
being  co-workers  with  God,  and  all  the  wonhies  of  his  kingdom, 
in  an  employment  fo  divine  I  What  profpecl  can  be  fopleafing  as  that 
of  being  inftrumental  of  gathering  the  nations  unto  Shiloh,  ol 
reviving  them  with  the  hope  of  eternal  life,  and  of  meeting  thou- 
fands of  them  in  the  father's  houfe,  of  whofe  falvation  we  have 
been  instrumental  ?  How  will  this  brighten  our  crown  and  augment 
our  joys  forever,  in  the  prefence  of  God  and  of  all  our  holy  breth- 
ren ?  May  you,  Reverend  Gentlemen  mare  a  diftinguifhed  part 
in  this  honor  and  joy  !  May  the  good  people  of  this  irate,  anima- 
ted by  thefe  profpects,  and  feeling  the  weight  of  the  motives  which 
prefent  themfelves  to  their  confideration,  by  their  abundant  pray- 
ers, liberality,  and  exertions  to  advance  the  Saviour's  kingdom, 
more  and  more  prepare  themfelves,  to  fhare  amply  with  you  in  the 
fame  immortal  dignities  and  joys  ! 

We  are  not  laboring  in  vain.  The  caufe  in  which  we  are  em- 
barked is  notone  which  (hall fail.  Neitherearthnorhellihallpr.vail. 
againft  it.  For  the  Lord  fhall  comfort  Zion  ;  he  will  comfort  all 
her  wafte  places,  and  he  will  make  her  wildernefs  like  Eden,  and 
her  defart  like  the  garden  of  the  Lord  :  Joy  and  gladnefs  lhall  be 
found  therein,  thankfgiving  and  the  voice  of  melody  For  though 
the  vifion  be  yet  for  an  appointed  time,  at  the  end  it  fhall  fpeak 
and  not  lie:  Though  it  tarry,  wait  for  it,  becaufe  it  will  furely 
come,  it  will  not  tarry.     Amen. 

In  the  name  tf  the  Board  of  TruJIees, 

ABEL  FLINT,   Secretary, 

Hartford,  June  9th,  1802. 


The  Truftees,  zKo,  laid  before  the  Aflbciatian  (it  being  the 
Miffionary  Society  of  the  f  rate  of  Connecticut,)  the  following  doc- 
uments now  on  file  (viz.)  No.  I.  Contributions  May  1802.  No. 
2.  Donations  and  Intereft.  No.  3.  Amount  of  orders  paid. 
No.  4.  Auditor's  account  of  orders  registered.  No.  5.  Treafu- 
rer's  account  current-  On  motion,  voted,  that  the  above  report, 
ftatements  and  accounts  are  approved  and  accepted  by  thefociety. 
The  Truftees  deemed  it  expedient,  the  funds  being  refpeclable, 
to  apply,  for  the  fecuriiy  of  them,  to  the  legislature  of  the  ftate 
for  an  act  of  incorporation,  and  employed,  as  their  agent 
to  attend  on  this  fociety,  for  this  purpofe,  the  Rev.  Dr.  Nathan 
Strong.  And  the  Rev.  Dr.  Nathan  Perkins,  Dr.  Nathan  Wil- 
liams, Elijah  Parfons,  and  James  Richai'ds  were  appointed  a 
committee  to  confer  with  the  agent  of  the  Truftees.  After  duly 
weighing  the  fubject,  they  reported  as  follows  : 

They  advife,  as  a  previous  ftep,  that  the  following  be  propofed 
as  an  additional  article  to  the  conftirution  of  the  Miffionary  Soci- 
ety, viz  that  the  Truftees  be  empowered  to  lay  the  Treafurer  of  this 
fociety  under  bonds  for  the  faithful  difcharge  of  his  duty,  in  fuch 
cafes  as  they  may  think  it  expedient,  and  if  the  Treafurer  /hall  re- 
fufe  entering  into  bonds,  the  Truflees  mail  remove  him,  and  elect 
another  in  his  place- 
On  motion — Voted,  that  the  above  additional  article  lie  on  the 
table  for  confederation,  one  year.  The  committee  alfo  recom- 
mend, that  the  Miffionary  Society  direct  their  Truftees  to  apply  to 
the  legiflature  of  this  ft  ate,  for  an  acl  of  incorporation  of  the  Truf- 
tees of  the  Miffionary  Society. 

Voted,  that  the  report  of  faid  committee  be  accepted,  and  that 
the  truftees  of  the  Miffionary  Society  be  directed  accordingly. 
The  Miffionary  Society,  then,  proceeded  to  the  election  of  Truf- 
tees, Treafurer,  and  Auditor  for  the  year  enfuing,  and  the  following 
gentlemen  were  chofen,  viz.  His  Honor  John  Treadwell,  the 
Hon.  Roger  Newberry,  Jonathan  Brace,  John  Davenport,  Jed- 
idiah  Huntington,  and  Aaron  Auftin,  Efqrs.  The  Rev.  Dr. 
Nathan  Williams,  Dr.  Benjamin  Trumbull,  Dr.  Levi  Hart, 
Cyprian  Strong,  Dr.  Nathan  Strong,  and  Dr.  Nathan  Perkins, 
Truftees.  Andrew  Kingfbury,  Efq.  Treafurer,  John  Porter,  Efq. 

The  AfTociation,  in  compliance  with  a  ftanding  rule,  proceeded 
to  make  the  ufual  enquiries  concerning  the  ftate  of  religion,  in  the 
churches,  under  the  following  heads,  I.  Is  there  any  fpecial  at- 
tention to  or  revival  of  religion  in  your  diftricT:  ?  2.  Is  there  gene- 
ral union  and  harmony  in  the  churches  ?  3.  What  number  of  va- 
cancies in  each  diftricT,  and  in  what  ftate  with  refpect  to  union  ? 
4.  What  inftances  of  removal  by  death  or  otherwife— or  fettle- 
ment  of  minifters,  or  new  churches  formed,  fince  the  laft  feffion 
of  the  General  AfTociation.     As  the  refult  of  the  enquiries,    the 


Aifbciation  remark  with  pleafure  that,  in  thofe  churches  and  con- 
gregations, where  there  have  been  recent  revivals  of  religion,  the 
fruits  are  fuch  as  confirm  the  hopes  and  joys  of  the  people  of  God. 
It  alfo  appears  that  harmony  and  peace  generally  prevail  in  the 
churches  ;  and  that  there  is,  in  feveral  congregations,  in  this  ftate, 
an  increafing  difpofition  to  attend  the  public  worfhip  and  inftruc- 
lions  of  the  Lord's  day.  We  are  alio  peculiarly  happy  in  obferv- 
ing  that  there  appears  in  Yale-College,  a  very  general  and  ferious 
attention  to  religion,  which  affords  a  very  pleafing  profpect  to  the 
friends  of  Christianity  and  of  the  profperity  of  the  churches.  It 
alfo  appears  that  there  is  a  revival  of  religion,  very  extenfively, 
within  the  limits  of  the  General  AfTernbly  of  the  Prefbyterian 

.  The  following  ministers  were  appointed  to  certify  the  good 
Handing  and  character  of  preachers  of  the  gofpel,  travelling  from 
this  (tate  into  other  Hates — The  Rev.  Dr.  Nathan  Perkins,  Hart- 
ford N.  Rev,  William  Robinfon,  Hartford  S.  Rev.  Dr.  Benja- 
min Trumbull,  New-Haven  W.  Rev.  Thomas  W.  Bray,  New- 
Haven  E.  Rev.  Jofeph  Strong,  New-London,  Rev-  Dr.  Ifaac 
Lewis,  Fairfield  W.  Rev.  David  Ely,  Fairfield  E.  Rev.  Mofes 
C  Welch,  Windham  original  AfTociation,  Rev.  Andrew  Lee, 
Windham  E.  Rev.  Samuel  J.  Mills,  Litchfield  N.  Rev.  Dan 
Huntington,  Litchfield  S.  Rev.  Dr.  Nathan  Williams,  Tolland, 
Rev.   John  Devotion,  Middlefex. 

The  AfTociation  proceeded  to  chufe  delegates  to  the  General 
Affembly  of  Prefbyterian  Church  to  meet,  in  the  city  of  Philadel- 
phia, on  the  third  Thurfday  in  May  next,  and  the  Rev.  Dr. 
Timothy  Dwight,  Afahel  Hooker,  and  David  Ely  were  chofen. 
The  Rev.  William  Lockwood,  Dan  Huntington  and  Matthias 
Burnet  were  chofen  fub'titutes  ;  either  of  whom  to  fupply  the 
place  of  faid  delegates  now  chofen,  who  may  not  be  able  to  at- 

The  Rev.  David  Tullar  and  Jofeph  Wafhburn  were  appointed 
delegates  to  the  convention  of  Vermont,  which  meets  on  the  eve- 
ning of  the  firft  Tuefday  of  September  next  at  Granville. 

The  Rev.  Amzi  Lewis  was  appointed  to  preach  the  Concio  ad 
Clerum  on  the  evening  after  the  next  commencement  at  Yale-Col- 

The  following  perfons  were  elected  receivers,  in  their  re- 
pective  diftricts,  to  receive  fuch  fams  of  money  as  the  minifters 
and  others  may  be  willing  to  contribute  for  the  purpofe  of  defraying 
the  expences  of  the  delegation  of  this  AfTociation  to  the  General 
AfTembly  of  the  Prefbyterian  Church  and  the  General  Convention 
of  the  clergy  of  Vermont,  (viz.)  The  Rev.  Henry  A.  Rowland, 
Hartford  North,  William  Robinfon,  Hartford  S.  Matthew 
Noyes,  N.  Haven  E.  Bezaleel  Pinio,  N.  Haven  W.  Samuel 
Nott,  N.  London,  Hezekiah  Ripley,  Fairfield  W.  Samuel  Blatth- 


ford,  Fairfield  E.  Zebulon  Ely,  Windham,  Andrew  Lee, 
Windham  E  Samuel  J.  Mills, Litchfield  N.  Azcl  Backus  Litch- 
field S.  Dr.  Nathan  Williams,  Tolland,  Elijah  Parfons  Middle- 
fex.  The  Rev.  Abel  Flint  was  appointed  Treafurer  of  the  Af- 
fociation  and  Jofeph  Wafliburn  Auditor  of  the  accounts  of  the  fame. 

Returns  were  made  according  to  vote,  of  unfettled  minifters  and 
candidates  continuing  to  preach  under  the  licences  of  the  diftri& 
AfTociations  of  Connecticut,  viz. 

Of  unfettled  Miritflers. 

Rev.  Simon  Backus,  Guilford,  Rev.  Aaron  Kinne,  Win- 
chester, Rev.  David  Huntington.  Middletown,  Rev.  Samuel 
Sturges,  Greenwich,  Rev.  John  Willard  Kenfington,  Rev  Aa- 
ron Woodward,  North- Haven,  Rev.  Abraham  Fowler,  Derby, 
Rev.  Eraftus  Ripley,  New- Haven,  Rev.  Ezekiel  J.  Chapman, 
Saybrook,  Rev.  Jedidiah  Buftinell  Saybrook. 
Licenfed  Preachers, 

Jeremiah  Day,  Yale-College,  Ebenezer  G.  Marfh,  Yale-Col- 
lege, Bancraft  Fowler,  Yale-College,  Jonathan  Bird,  Berlin,  Rob. 
crt  porter,  Farmington,  Gurdon  Johnfon,  Granby,  Nathaniel 
Dwight,  Wethersfield,  James  W.  Woodward,  Hanover,  N. 
H.  Timothy  Williams,  Woodftock,  Aaron  Hovey,  jun.  Mans- 
field,       Loomis,    Colchefter,    William     Hart,    Berlin, 

William  Riels,  Milford,  Pitkin  Cowles,  Southington,  Abijah 
Carrington,  Milford,  Timothy  Stone,  Milford,  John  Niles,  Kil- 
Hngworth,  Thomas  Robbins,  Norfolk,  Humphry  Moore,  Prince- 
town  Mafs.  Gideon  Burt,  jun.  Long-Meadow,  David  Ripley, 
Abington,  Jabez  Munfel,  Franklin,  John  Lord,  Waterford, 
Ifaac  Knap,  Norfolk,  James  Eells,  Glallenbury,  Elihu  Smith, 
Granby,  Mafs. 

Voted,  that  the  next  meeting  of  the  General  AfTociation  be 
holden  at  the  houfeof  the  Rev.  Stephen  W.  Stebbins  in  Stratford, 
on  the  third  Tuefday  of  June  next. 

Voted,  that  extracts  from  the  minutes  of  this  AfTociation  be 
publifhed  :  And  that  Dr.  Nathan  Perkins  be  requeued  to  carry 
this  vote  into  effect.  And  he  is  hereby  empowered  to  draw  from 
the  Treafury  of  the  AfTociation  to  defray  the  neceffary  expenfe. 
He  is,  alfo,  requefled  to  diftribute  copies,  according  to  his  dif-